Mexico Lindo

We traveled to Mexico last week for a short family vacation. Thought I would share with you all our experience.

My favorite part was the Trajineras de Xochimilco, it’s a gondola-like contraption that takes you down the canals of Mexico City. The Trajineras are truly amazing; they are colorful and can fit up to 20 people. Most trajineras will charge per hour not per person, which is the best way. For our two-hour tour they charges us $1,000 pesos ($53.09 USD). Once you are on the tajineras the conductor will take it around the canals where you will find food, mariachis, and souvenirs all without leaving the little boat. If you’ve been to Mexico but haven’t visit Xochimilco, you should stop by next time.

xoch 5xoch 2xoch 7xoch 3xoch 6xoch 4xoch 1

Next stop, Agua Hedionda in Cuautla, Morelos. Agua Hedionda is a mineral spring water spa; the waters originate from the melting snow of the Popocatepelt and Ixtaccihualt volcanoes. The spring surpasses about 200 gallons per second filling 2 large swimming pools (120 x 60 ft) and 8 small pools that can be rented for private use. For general admission to the large pools, the cost for adults is $50 pesos ($2.65 USD).  During this trip, we rented the largest private pool that accommodates up to 15 people. I will be honest, there is a slight funky smell to the water but this is because its natural mineral water that is filled with minerals and sulfur. The private pool had its own shower and bathroom along with four changing rooms and a grill. Weather you rent a private pool or head over the bigger public ones, your skin will thank you later.

agua hedionda 4Agua hedionda 2agua hedionda 1

Lastly, let’s talk about Mexico City. There are some that might be scared of traveling around Mexico City but honestly, I don’t know why. Mexico City is not bad if you ask me. If you are trying to get around Mexico City I suggest you park your car and travel by the underground metro. If you have been to New York City or Paris and can get around the metro there, then you won’t have a problem in Mexico City either. Now if you have never been to the underground metro in neither of those places, do not panic. As long as you can read a map then you can download the metro map on your phone as a pdf and get around. You should visit the Zocalo, Garibaldi, El Palacio de Bellas Artes, Bosque de Chapultepec, and the Frida Kahlo Musuem. I  will warn you, if you are planning on visiting all these places it will take a whole full day and you will be doing tons and tons of waking so take comfy shoes.

zocalobellas artesgaribaldi

Overall, it was a fun mini vacation, even my Teddy Bear (my dog) went on this adventure. I’ll be posting about internationally traveling with your pet in a future blog.

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