DIY Flower arrangement

This weekend, I found myself putting away my spring décor and thought I would share an inexpensive silk flower arrangement with you all. The total for this arrangement is about $5.00 USD, who doesn’t love the sound of that?

First and only stop, Dollar Tree. Yes, the Dollar Tree. Usually during springtime, they will be fully stocked with beautiful silk flowers. Pick up about 2-3 six steam silk flower bushes, one bag of white sand, and a crystal cube or cylinder (whatever look you are going for). Next, you will need to cut out the flower stems from the bushes. Once you have your flower stems ready, pour the sand into your vase and start putting in the flowers until you are satisfied with how it looks.  It’s really that simple.

flowers 3flowers 1flowers 2

I found something very similar to this in Wayfair for $37.99 USD!! Yea, I will not be paying that when I can do something very similar for pennies.

flowers 5


What do you guy think, would you buy it or make it?

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